Articles by Simone Smith


15 Celebs Who Dated Disney Stars

There have been countless instances of Disney stars dating other Disney stars over the years. In fact, Nick Jonas once stated, “We were all dating each other,” when reflecting on his glory days as par...


15 Celebs Who Blossomed After Puberty

Have you ever wondered what your favorite celebrity looked like before they were a huge Hollywood A-lister? Ever wondered if they were always so fabulous and out together? If they were just born looki...


15 Crazy Laws That Exist Only In North Korea

North Korea has been making headlines all over the world recently due to its outrageous laws and inhumane treatment of its people. This is a country that never fails to surprise us with its increasing...


15 Stars That Vanished From Hollywood

There are famous faces in Hollywood that have been around for decades and that we have become so accustomed to seeing in the limelight. Sometimes, though, famous stars in the spotlight seem to vanish ...

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