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15 Things That Make Women Swipe Right On Tinder

Simon Books

Tinder was launched back in 2012, and since then, this online dating app has brought millions of people together. People, whether single or otherwise, have used this platform to find …

15 Cruelest Things Celebs Did To Their Fans

Simon Books

Celebrities are the most influential people on the planet today because they appear to be living the lives all of us want to live someday. They always seem to have …

15 Weirdest Things Celebs Spent Their Millions On

Simon Books

When it comes to spending money, people everywhere are different, especially when it comes to choosing what items to buy and how much to spend on them. However, regardless of …

15 Ways To Upgrade From Your Current GF

Simon Books

Assuming you have a girlfriend, would you ever consider leaving her for another girl? It’s human nature to desire what we consider better than what we have, and this also …

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