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12 Heirs Who Have Ridiculous Amounts Of Cash For Doing Nothing


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12 Stars Who Paid People Off To Shut Up


In Hollywood today, it seems that the stars who are the most famous are the ones who are willing to divulge all the personal details of their lives. Of course, …

11 No Name Actors With The Hottest Spouses


When it comes to Hollywood, you’re either a big name or a no-name. It seems that celebrities who aren’t quite A-listers (but not exactly extras) don’t really get the recognition …

12 Celebs Who Really Don’t Care How They Look


In Hollywood, looks are pretty much everything. Celebrities are constantly judged on how great their skin looks, the designer clothes they wear, and the type of hairstyles they choose. Those …

12 Things You Didn’t Know About Pam Anderson


Even if you weren’t old enough to watch Baywatch in the late 1980s and early 1990s, you probably know by now that Pamela Anderson, who played C.J. Parker, was one …

12 Of The Juiciest Confessions In Hollywood


There are lots of reasons why Hollywood continues to entrance the general public. For one, Hollywood is full of filthy-rich celebrities who are paid insane amounts of money to entertain …

12 Celebs Who Can’t Pay Their Rent These Days


Most people (somewhat logically) assume that celebrities are pretty rich. After all, you can’t appear on the red carpet, star in shows and movies, and produce hit records without having …

12 Celebs Who Act Broke But Are Really Rich


It’s no secret that celebrities are significantly richer than the average person. After all, that’s part of the reason people idolize stars so much. The idea of having millions of …

11 Of The Hottest Singers Over 45


We all have favorite singers. Not only do we follow their careers but we monitor the appearance of our favorite singers as well. Of course, not at all in the …

12 Places The Kardashians Have Been Denied Access


When you think of the Kardashian family, you likely assume that these super-famous reality stars are always allowed into the best clubs, resorts and restaurants. After all, taking a picture …

12 Reasons Why Rappers Fall For Dancers


Pole performers have been around for quite some time, mainly because they have the “uncanny” ability to get the attention of men. Of course, most men go to these types of clubs …

12 Celebs Who Are Still Too Difficult To Work With


Celebrities, in general, have a reputation for being too demanding and expecting people to fulfill their ridiculous requests. While this notion is often played up in movies and TV shows …

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