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Shelby Vogl

Shelby Vogl is a freelance writer who loves reading, traveling, and of course writing. She has a bachelor's degree in English and is currently pursuing her Master's degree. In her free time she can be found writing stories, getting caught up in a book, or vegging out to reality TV.

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10 Celebrities Who Don’t Believe in Monogamy

Shelby Vogl

Recently, the idea of monogamy has come into question. Both celebrities and the public have debated whether spending your life with one person and one person only, is an outdated …

10 Of The Biggest Movie Bombs Of All Time

Shelby Vogl

Movie magic is an incredible phenomenon. When a film can successfully distract you for a couple of hours, and take you into a new and imagined reality, the result can …

The Most Incredible 7 Star Hotels In The World

Shelby Vogl

Everyone loves a little luxury in their lives, especially when they travel. Who wouldn’t want to spend their few precious vacation days, experiencing the best that their chosen destination has …

10 Actors Who Cursed Every Show They Starred In

Shelby Vogl

The big break. It’s something that all actors strive for. Some actors garner their fame early on in their career, others don’t get their big break until they have paid …

10 Of The Most Shocking Crimes of Passion

Shelby Vogl

As a society, we have been plagued by all types of brutal crimes that leave many wondering, “why?” Of all these crimes, crimes of passion can be particularly shocking. When …

10 Of The Most Terrifying Cases Of Stalking

Shelby Vogl

Stalking is one of the most terrifying crimes of our time. Why is it so terrifying? It’s probably because it’s so hard to define. Stalking is unwanted or obsessive attention …

5 Celebrities Who Grew Up In A Cult

Shelby Vogl

There have been a number of cults that have garnered the attention of the media through their deviant beliefs and practices. Most of them have their own agenda. Some are …

10 Of The Most Memorable Celebrity Rants

Shelby Vogl

Everyone has bad days. These are the type of days where everything seems to be going wrong and you end up saying something that you didn’t necessarily mean. Although some …

10 Celebrities Who Hate The Kardashians

Shelby Vogl

The Kardashians are the ideal type of TV family that a lot of people love to hate. Don’t get me wrong, it’s easy to be entertained by their crazy family …

10 Of The Most Dangerous Excursions In The World

Shelby Vogl

For most, vacations are all about relaxing and getting rid of all the stress that life has so graciously provided. Vacations are about lying in the sun, discovering a whole …

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