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Shelby Vogl

Shelby Vogl is a freelance writer who loves reading, traveling, and of course writing. She has a bachelor's degree in English and is currently pursuing her Master's degree. In her free time she can be found writing stories, getting caught up in a book, or vegging out to reality TV.

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10 Amazing Stories Of Deadly Disaster Survivors

Shelby Vogl

Throughout the years, there have been stories of humans surviving almost-certain-death against all odds. The will to survive that humans possess is extremely strong, which leads to miraculous tales of …

11 Most Horrific Disney Movie Villains Of All Time

Shelby Vogl

Disney has come up with some truly terrifying villains throughout the years. Luckily, in true Disney fashion, the heroes always end up beating the villains in the end. However, that …

10 Celebs Who Own Their Own Luxurious Private Islands

Shelby Vogl

We all deserve an amazing vacation every once in awhile. Whether you want to spend your hard-earned vacation days backpacking around Europe or experiencing an entirely new culture, the occasional …

10 ‘True’ Movies That Were Full Of Lies

Shelby Vogl

Advertising a film as being “based on true events,” is an excellent way to encourage potential theater goers to spend their hard earned money to see real life unfold on …

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