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Sheila Rowlands

Sheila Rowlands lives in Columbus with her boyfriend and a rotating cast of foster dogs. Leaving her master's degree in counseling behind, Sheila happily spends her days writing about fun things like celebrities and culture. Sheila is an "expert" in the following areas: Tom Hanks, 'The Office,' 'Top Chef,' and Target (yes, the store). When Sheila's not writing, she can likely be found whipping up an elaborate Ina Garten recipe in her tiny kitchen: 'How easy is that?'

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10 Signs It’s Time To Break Up

Sheila Rowlands

Ah, the holidays. There’s nothing like some forced Christmas cheer and bonding time to make you question your relationship. This time of year, when we’re thinking about gratitude and love, …

15 Stars In Unrecognizable Movie Roles

Sheila Rowlands

When it comes to acting, sometimes “getting into character,” involves a lot more than a change in perspective. At its very core, acting involves taking on the life and mind …

The Top 10 Must-See Kylie Jenner Instagram Looks

Sheila Rowlands

Kylie Jenner is the current queen of Instagram. Even Miley Cyrus, while hosting at the VMAs, pointed out that Kylie has more Instagram follows than actor/singer Cyrus ever had. It …

10 Celebs Who Were Way Too Young To Be Sex Symbols

Sheila Rowlands

We’ve all heard the phrase “sex sells” a million times. The entertainment industry makes billions this way because we love looking at attractive people! From bikini babes to motorcycle-jumping hunks, …