Articles by Shanna Luis


15 Celebs Who Regret Becoming Famous

There are some things in life that are bittersweet, and fame is one of them. As many celebrities soon find out, there is an entire industry looming over fields like acting, modelling, performing, and ...


15 Actors Who Never Want To Act Again

Most of us are born into households where our parents encourage us to become whatever it is we want, but this isn't the case for everyone. While some parents will encourage their kids to become doctor...


15 Actors Who Refuse To Work Together

Whether you work in an office or on the set of a film, it is safe to say that you aren't always going to get along with your entire staff. Working with somebody you do not like can make your job seem ...


15 Weirdest Things Ever Found By Fishermen

There are two types of people; those who love the ocean, and those who like to enjoy it from afar. No matter which type of person you are, however, I'm sure we can all agree that there is definitely s...

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