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15 Life Lessons We All Learned On Friends

The 90s sitcom Friends, was a part of many of our lives for 10 years (unless you only binged-watched it recently on Netflix). Either way, there’s no doubt that the show gave you some insight into thin...


15 Absolute Worst Ways To Pick Up Women

There are some guys out there who seem to have mastered the dating world. They might not even be the most physically attractive guys, either. They just have a confident but cool attitude and seem to s...


15 Weird Facts About The Cast Of Friends

Since its television debut in 1994, Friends has become a cultural phenomenon. Die-hard fans have memorized lines from their favorite episodes out of the 10 seasons that the show lasted; people were in...


15 Most Extravagant Mansory Modified Cars

If you’re a car fanatic, then you definitely know that Mansory is the number one company to look to for luxury car modifications. Based in Brand, Germany, the tuning firm is well known for its outland...

Most Expensive

Top 13 Most Exclusive Clubs In The World

When you are extremely wealthy or famous, you (obviously) have access to things that regular people don’t. One of these fabulous perks is exclusive membership-only clubs. These clubs certainly aren’t ...


Top 15 Best Professor Snape Moments

Fans around the world mourned when Alan Rickman, an English actor and director, passed away on January 14th, 2016 due to pancreatic cancer. The actor was well-known for his roles in Robin Hood: Prince...

Shoes & Hand Bags

Top 10 Coolest Sneakers Of 2015

Shoes give us a connection to music, sports and have even developed a culture of their own. They can also be seen as works of art. A lot of planning goes into the design of shoes, especially sneakers....

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