Articles by Sean Polvinale

15 Celebs Who Are Always Getting Rejected


Imagine you’re a celebrity. You’ve got a lot going for you in your life. You’ve got fame (that’s a given). You’re probably making a ton of money doing what you love. You attend awards parties and meet...

Where Are They Now: The Cast Of Scary Movie


Parody movies have been around for a long time. Ever since the over-the-top horror movies of the 1970s, filmmakers have understood the absurdity of some of the things that are depicted on the silver s...

15 Troubling Confessions From NASA Astronauts


Space: It’s scary! It’s so vast that it’s almost unimaginable. Think about it for a second. A place where you can see as far as your eyes allow. And, as you do so, you see nothing. It’s simply full of...

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