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The Biggest

5 Biggest Superhero Movie Flops

What is a superhero? Literally, it's a benevolent fictional character with superhuman power -that's according to the trusty Oxford English dictionary. We all know the familiar scenario surrounding a s...


5 Richest Professors In The World

Lecturer, doctor, scholar, academic or, in layman's terms, professor; the Oxford English Dictionary officially defines a professor as a teacher of the highest rank in a college or university. At one p...

Most Influential

Top 5 Most Influential Ad Campaigns

Advertisements are absolutely everywhere, whether overt and obnoxious or subliminal and subtle, we're being plied with a seemingly endless stream of advertising materials and branding every day. In an...

Most Influential

Top 5 Most Powerful Women in the UK

Women haven't always had an easy time historically, with limited rights and treatement as second class citizens plaguing the female of the species for countless generations. Slightly undermining stere...

The Biggest

Secrets and Lies: The 5 Biggest Liars Ever

The Oxford English Dictionary defines lying as telling an intentional falsehood, which indicates a manipulation. None of this 'white lie' business, a lie is  an intentional deception and, in general, ...