Articles by Sarah Vrba


13 Insane Elevator Pranks

Elevators make a lot of people jumpy since it is basically a metal box pulling you up multiple stories. Maybe that's why devious television producers come up with so many elevator pranks. If you're no...


13 Jay-Z And Beyoncé Moments You'll Never Forget

This famous duo have been the reigning icons of the music industry for a solid decade. Queen Bey and Jay-Z have shown us some of their most volatile and stage-worthy love shenanigans over the years – along with the reactions of the rest of the world.


15 Beauty Gurus That Made It Big On YouTube

YouTube is the ideal place to look for funny cat videos or people falling over, but it's also become a blissful haven for smart, funny and talented beauty gurus. Here are 15 of the most stunning and successful gurus on YouTube.


10 Reasons Why Seth Rogen Is The Man

Seth Rogen has stealthily moved into the lime light over the last decade after starring in a solid string of comedies, like The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up and This Is the End. While he might not b...