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Top 10 Coolest Car Garages in the World

The garage is your safe haven. Everyone’s homes are different, but they all usually have a room that is known as the man cave. This is the place where you can check out for a little bit and just relax...

boring jobs that pay well
Job & Salaries

10 Boring Jobs That Pay Over $100K

They told you in high school, and they told you in college. There should be no difference between your dreams and your career. If you have fun at your job, it won't even feel like work. If you're stuc...

sexiest mustangs

Top 10 Sexiest Mustang Models of All Time

There is something intoxicating about the roar of the engine after you turn the key to fire up your new (or classic) Ford Mustang. The Mustang is and has almost always been one of the most highly cove...