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16 Celebs Who Love To Break Up And Make Up


Some people have a flare for the dramatic. When you’re a celebrity with a background in acting, performance, and theatre, some of your performances may drift into your personal life. Add in the pressu...

15 Confessions From Celebrity Doctors


Celebrities charm us with their seemingly ageless beauty. Most of them hover at looking 30-something for decades, then there are the others who end up looking like they’re literal Barbie dolls instead...

15 Photos Of Brutal Celeb-Fan Meetings


We’ve all heard the expression “Never meet your heroes”. Many believe that this is a recipe for disaster. Sometimes this is because when we put a person, or a character they play in film or on TV, or ...

15 Fails Inspired By Fifty Shades Of Grey

High Life

Every generation has their version of that whispered about book. For me it was a toss-up between The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer and anything written by VC Andrews. Fifty Shades of Grey has reignited...

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