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The 10 Most Expensive Maseratis


Any sports car buff knows that Maserati makes one of the most expensive supercars in the world. The Maserati doors were opened with the intent of creating luxury sports cars that were hand-built to be...

The World's Most Unusual Vending Machines


Here in the states we are accustomed to pretty traditional vending machines. In fact, finding vending machines isn't always that easy, as vandalism has entered into the mix. Vending machines are so co...

17 Ways To Eat French Fries


Most women we know have a big crush on French fries. We're sure men secretly love them also, but once they became a "forbidden food" for women on lifelong diets, their popularity soared.

11 Films That Jump Started Actors Careers


Some people think actors who make it to the A-List are just lucky. If you look at some of their early movies carefully, we think you'll see they have more. There are definitely professional actors and...

16 4-Ingredient Meals You'll Love!


Yep, eating good can be this simple. Whether you're a college student with little options for food, or simply a mom looking to make a quick meal for the family, here are some 4 ingredient meals that a...

10 Men's Watches Found In Films


Wearing brand-name watches or any other product in films or television is called product placement and costs the manufacturer-advertiser quite a hefty sum. In some instances, the actor's dialogues inc...

The 10 Most Luxurious Gentlemen's Clubs


Elite men everywhere enjoy a high-class, luxurious Gentlemen's Club. Although the clubs vary drastically throughout the world, poles and private rooms are considered mandatory tools of the trade. Sala...

Billionaire Properties No One Would Live In


Wealthy people don't really have to worry about taking care of their belongings. Either their staff handles such busy work or they just let things go. Tomorrow is another shopping day and anything is ...

The Secrets Behind Geisha Entertainment


Many people misunderstand the purpose of a geisha and think the name is synonymous with escort, call girl or prostitute. Not so. In fact, a geisha is a highly trained hostess who knows how to anticipa...

10 Rolls-Royce Cars Out Of Your Price Range


Rolls-Royce is really the cream of the crop in so many ways. The classic lines, the iconic "spirit of ecstacy" hood ornament and the high-powered engine design places this automobile manufacturer in a...

The Billionaire's Dream: The Gulfstream G650


Ever dream about owning something so spectacular it seems out of reach? Well, billionaires are people too and since its introduction in 2008, the Gulfstream G650 has been on most of their wishlists.

10 Ferraris You'll Never Afford


Enzo Anselmo Ferrari Cavaliere di Gran Croce OMRI was an Italian race car driver and entreprenuer prior to founding the Ferrari company in 1929. At the time it was called the Scuderia Ferrari Garage a...

The 10 Most Expensive Psychic Mediums

Most Expensive

Psychics, mediums and oracles have been around since the dawn of time. Predicting the future, talking to loved ones who have passed and daily counseling are just a few of the skills these intuitive pe...

10 Most Expensive Lamborghinis


The Lamborghini name has always been synonymous with luxury sports cars and was founded by Italian manufacturing magnate, Ferruccio Lamborghini in 1963. His primary goal was to create a line of grand ...

10 Pricey Watches To Give Any Woman


Exquisite, timeless, timepieces are sexy by anyone's standards. The designers are coming out with some incredible lines and models, with many of the high-end pieces looking like originals. In fact, so...

10 Divas With The Priciest Cars


Divas keep life interesting. Whether they are dating, singing, having babies or buying new cars, we love to stay in touch with their personal lives. It's not that we want to encourage the paparazzi to...

The 10 Most Expensive Films Of 2013

Most Expensive

It was a good year in film making. Yes, 2013 had quite a few strong contenders during awards season, and also with audiences around the globe. After all, it's the box office revenue that makes or brea...

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