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Men's 10 Favorite Sexual Fantasies

By now it is common knowledge that men think about sex more than women. Although statistics vary considerably, the most-widely spread information is that men think about sex every seven minutes. Accor...

High Life

8 Highly Paid Nerds Who Got the Girl

Nerds and geeks used to be a segment that got bullied and criticized by the rest of the kids at school, right? Then something changed drastically. While the brawny sports guys and the slick business d...


Billionaire Investment Tips for Beginners

The economy, although better than in previous years, is still not stable. No one wants to predict what we can expect or how to invest, but the billionaires and millionaires of today definitely have their preferences.

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10 Of The World's Most Erotic Statues

Sculpture lovers and those who sculpt love the three-dimensional aspect of this art form. Statues are generally made out of stone, metal, ceramics, wood, clay, ice and many other unique materials. Mod...

High Life

Celebs Who Left the Spotlight To Live a New Life

Fame and fortune are a tempting combination for those who aspire to and have achieved it. Once the public begins treating the celebrity as entitled and deserving of the best, the danger of losing ones' roots is strong.

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10 Shocking Reality Show Scandals

Television reality stars cover the gamut. From Jon and Kate Plus Eight to the Housewives of Orange County, the genre took hold a couple decades ago and is still going strong. In fact, many of the onli...


10 TV Series Finales We Didn't Expect

Series finales are often sad, but sometimes they really surprise us. The writers of many of the most popular series have given us food for thought while others tied everything up in neat little packag...


The 10 Best Car Explosions in Films

Almost everyone loves a wild and crazy car chase and explosions in films. It's one of the most predictable occurrences in an action picture, yet it would be disappointing if they were not included. Af...


10 Alfa Romeos For Every Sports Car Lover

The world can never have too many Italian sports cars as far as we are concerned. The Italians seem to have figured out exactly what enthusiasts want and Alfa is right up there with Ferrari and Maserati.

Rich Countries

The 10 Best Countries for Women

Did you know there is an International Women's Day? Well, it is March 8 and has been around since 1911. This day was designated by the Socialist Party of America in commemoration of the New York garme...

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10 Shocking Same Sex Celebrity Kisses

Although same sex kisses and relationships are becoming more common on television shows and movies, they are not yet so mainstream so they still provide quite a bit of shock value. Of course, much of ...


10 Celebs You Didn't Know Went To Harvard

Harvard University is the oldest and most prestigious university in the U.S. Many of our greatest political leaders and business experts have graduated from the hallowed halls of this ivy league school.


The 15 Catchiest TV Theme Songs

No matter how young or old you are now, you'll have to agree that these theme songs can get your foot tapping while you mouth the words. You never intended to know these introductory television theme ...


5 Victoria Secret Models Who Love Food

Yes, these are the kind of girls that would be easy to hate. They eat what they want, unless they are working a shoot or a runway, and are the radiant standards of what Americans prefer in both health and beauty.


31 Of Lady Gaga's Wild and Crazy Outfits

Lady Gaga is all about shock value, extremes and trying to convey messages. She is always camouflaging the person behind the mask during her performances, but is considered a genuinely interesting person during interviews.


21 Shy Celebrities Who Hate the Spotlight

All of these singers, actors, directors and models have become very famous, yet are self-professed as being shy. Why would a shy person go for the brass ring and put themselves in the middle of the sp...


10 CEOs Who Make Over $6,000 An Hour

If you think these CEOs are the smartest, the brightest and the most strategic, think again. They may be well-educated, but their real asset isn't that they can create well-oiled businesses, it is mor...


17 Ways to Eat An Ice Cream Sundae

Summer is just around the corner. It's the time of year we indulge in more ice cream desserts and snacks than any other time of the year. We love ice cream sundaes and these recipes will give you an i...

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