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High Life

Rich Kids: 13 Heirs You've Never Heard Of

What would the world be without hearing about our heirs and socialites, such as the Paris Hilton's of the world? Sometimes these people are publicized so much that we often forget about the hundreds o...

High Life

19 Celebs And Their Surprising Heights

It is hard to tell an actor's size or height when they are performing unless they are standing next to someone. Leading men are often shorter than they appear on the screen, so they are either pared w...

Most Shocking

17 Rich And Famous Penny-Pinchers

Is there a difference between cheap and frugal? According to the U.S. News & World Report, there are five major differences between the two. One of the biggest examples is when the two types are d...


Lottery Winners Who Shared the Wealth

There have been numerous accounts of people winning large amounts of money in lotteries and ending up broke. In fact, a study by Vanderbilt University, the University of Kentucky and the University of...


10 Ripped Celebs And Their Workout Routines

There are so many hot celebrity bodies running around these days, it is getting more difficult to select ten of our favorites. With the scanty diva outfits, buff beach bodies and latest fashions, we'r...


10 Incredible Yachts of the Future

Life in the fast lane is getting faster and images of what was considered futuristic are getting closer and becoming more of a reality. Although we still aren't seeing flying cars, these incredible ya...


10 Extremely Niche Dating Sites

Dating sites have sprung up like rabbits having bunnies. The largest dating sites, like Match, eHarmony, OKCupid, JDate, Chemistry, Christian Mingle and Plenty of Fish, continue to garner the highest ...


10 Successful Celebrity-Owned Restaurants

Celebrity brands are flying around in department stores like wildfire. Lifestyle collections, clothing, footwear and more are being branded with celebrity names and selling fast. There are very few ce...

Most Shocking

12 Hilarious Sex Laws In The U.S.

There are ridiculous and funny sex laws that are in effect all over the world. But who would think that the sexually-liberal United States would be hanging onto these hilarious laws of yesteryear?


10 Of The Worst Behaved Celebrities

Everybody loves a star until they are publicized as demonstrating negative, unflattering behaviors. Looks, talent and wealth become invisible attractions to a celebrity who isn't kind, somewhat humble and cautious about their public image.


You Want To Be The Alpha Male?

Being an alpha male means many things. We often think of wild animals who snarl and fight over the lead position or sometimes it relates to a control-freak kind of person who no one really wants to de...

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