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15 Frightening Tattoos Of Celebrities


Tattoos have been around for thousands of years. In fact, in 1991 two German tourists stumbled upon a frozen body in the Ötzal Alps (between Austria and Italy), much to their surprise. The freezing co...

14 Of The Largest And Tiniest Babies Ever Born


With over 131 million births per year worldwide, it is quite amazing there aren't more anomalies in newborn baby sizes. According to WhatToExpect.com, the average baby weighs about 7.5 pounds and the ...

13 Famous Actors Who Give Away Their Money

High Life

It is truly lovely to see some of our favorite actors taking such an active role in helping those who are less fortunate. In fact, it might surprise you how many "good guys and gals" there are out the...

13 Reasons Why The Kardashians Are So Rich

High Life

You might think the Kardashian wealth is all about Kim Kardashian and her unusual rise to fame. Or perhaps you may think it is all because of Kris Jenner's extraordinary level of ambition for a mother...

17 Of Our Favorite Gadgets


Are there any people on the planet who don't love a great gadget? Gadgets make life easier and sometimes they are just fun! Remember when the "clapper" came out and everyone got the simple joy of turn...

12 Celebs And Their Love Children

High Life

Celebrities, musicians, royalty and many international government officials have always been excused from the public's critical attention for having "love children". The public may seem bothered once ...

13 Cool Hideouts For Celeb Down Time

High Life

While many celebrities crave the attention of their fans, some are actually shy and prefer to retreat into their normal lives. There are also celebrities who like a little of both types of lifestyles ...

14 Messages Hidden In Songs

High Life

Did you know that when messages are hidden in recorded songs it is called backmasking? It's a technique in which a message is recorded backward onto a track that normally plays forward. Musicians have...

13 Movies That Are Likely To Become Our Reality


There are tons of movies that give us the picture that our future world is bleak, but there are also plenty that provide a hopeful, productive and extremely high-tech life. Movies provide us with an i...

15 Extreme Rules In Communist Countries


When socialism and communism were first given public notice, it was because Karl Marx was progressively dissing centuries of royal regimes as doing nothing but repressing the people from advancement. ...

10 Of The Most Expensive Bottles Of Bubbly

High Life

In truth, the most expensive bottle of champagne is now the designer bottle of Goût de Diamants. The cost is primarily in the packaging, although the bubbly liquid is also in the luxury-priced categor...

10 Super Popular Microbrew Beers

High Life

Microbreweries are also called craft breweries and all that means is that the company is producing small quantities of beer versus the production line beer brands that used to be the most popular.

14 Of The Sexiest Carl's Jr. Girls

High Life

Carl's Jr. television ads have gotten much deserved attention over the last decade. Los Angeles-based ad agency, 72andSunny, is responsible for "sexing Carl's up" with highly erotic TV spots that feat...

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