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10 Financial Mistakes Most People Make

If you ever feel like you're constantly living hand-to-mouth and never getting ahead, take a minute to see if anything on this list sounds familiar. Oddly enough, most people make the same mistakes th...

Sports (old)

The 10 Most Expensive Sports Collectibles

If you find yourself at a ball game and wind up catching a fly ball, don't give it up. It could be valuable someday. If the player who hit the ball ends up being one of our country's famed sports gods...


10 Of The Sexiest Beaches On The Planet

Have you ever dreamed of jetting out with your lover for a sizzling beach getaway? So you hop on the computer, prepared to buy two first-class tickets, and realize you do not have the slightest idea a...


12 Vintage Cars Men Love

Pairing men and cars is not always predictable. Some men like big, hulking trucks while others want to be cruising in a sporty, upscale-looking vehicle. However, men's appreciation for autos, in gener...


10 Chick Shows That Guys Should Watch

Do men and women watch a completely different set of television shows? Aside from the obvious sports, cooking and talk shows, do the networks create programming specifically for one gender over the ot...


12 Must-Have Items For The Perfect Man Cave

If you've ever read author John Gray's popular "Women Are from Venus, Men Are from Mars", you'll understand why man caves came into fruition. According to the book, which became a road map to developi...


11 Male Celebrities Who Men Admire

Little Big Town's hit song, "Girl Crush", has been splashed across the air waves, to the point that everyone is using the term to describe how girls can have crushes on other women without necessarily feeling sexually stimulated. 


10 Reasons Why Young Guys Like Older Women

Years ago, the thought of older women dating younger men was considered taboo. We're not entirely sure why, as older men who date women decades younger have always been completely accepted. In fact, m...


The 12 Best Online-Only Shows

Ever find yourself sitting in front of your television surfing the same channels over and over... and over? What many people don't realize is that the world of entertainment has and continues to be ch...


The 10 Most Promiscuous Cities In The US

If you're thinking about moving and are wondering which city might be a good fit for your over-amorous, over-sexy lifestyle, then this list is for you. It all started when CBS News picked up statistic...


The Top 10 Cars Women Are Most Attracted To

Ever wonder what types of cars make women swoon? If you answered "sports car" then you would be partially correct. Women like more than just sports cars: they like expensive, fast, powerful cars of all shapes and sizes.


10 Delicious Breakfasts From Around The World

An all-American breakfast is not as standard as one might think. Like in most countries, breakfast options vary by geography, although eggs and toast are pretty much an American staple. Cheesy grits a...

High Life

11 Of The Most Horrifying First Date Stories

Have you ever gone out on a first date and wished you could abort the mission the minute you connected in person? A negative first impression is one thing, but someone who causes you to look at the ti...


10 Surprising Ways People Are Making Big Bucks

With mega corporations failing, pensions ceasing to exist and constantly publicized internet success stories, it is difficult to know which way to turn to find the big bucks and financial stability. N...

High Life

10 Dirty Secrets She's Hiding About Her Past

The male gender is often the one that is accused of hiding things from a potential mate. After all, most all of the publicized stories of infidelity are about men. We don't hear much about women hidin...


Don't Be These 10 Types Of Gym People

The gym is a hotbed of bodies and personalities that come in all shapes and sizes. So it is no wonder there are a few offensive types roaming around. If you are new to the gym, then this list will giv...

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