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Sammy Said

Sammy is a real estate tycoon but is also a fanatic of editorial production. Having managed a powerhouse content production team in the past, he launched TheRichest as a passion project.

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The Most Powerful Trucks in the World

Sammy Said

Trucks, or lorries for those who use the Queen’s language, are vehicles specially designed to transport cargo. They come in different sizes, configurations, and load capacities. A couple of companies …

The Top Ten Tech Companies in the World

Sammy Said

It was not too long ago that tech companies were tagged as the companies of the future. Well, the future has arrived, and these companies are some of the most …

The Top Ten Most Expensive Celebrity Scandals

Sammy Said

Everyone loves a real life soap opera, especially when famous people crash and burn. Maybe it is because we finally have proof that they do have problems like other normal …

The Top Ten Most Common Phobias

Sammy Said

Do you fear anything that the situation will give you anxious moments? Have you ever wondered why most people have no problem dealing with a certain object that you absolutely …

The Biggest Hospitals in the World

Sammy Said

It is a problem that is especially acute in underdeveloped and developing countries. A person needing medical attention goes to a hospital, only to be turned away due to a …

The Top Ten Sexiest Men of 2012

Sammy Said

From the time of Rudolph Valentino, male sex symbols have caused mass hysteria among their female fans. Stars like Gary Cooper, Clark Gable and Humphrey Bogart continued Valentino’s legacy. John …

The Top Ten Hardest Colleges to Get Into

Sammy Said

We always want our kids to attend the best schools that money can buy, even if it means foregoing all our holiday trips and vacations and taking out loans just …

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