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Sammy is a real estate tycoon but is also a fanatic of editorial production. Having managed a powerhouse content production team in the past, he launched TheRichest as a passion project.

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Countries With The Wealthiest People

Sammy Said

Countries vary in wealth depending on numerous factors. Much of it has to do with their geo-political climate and openness to entrepreneurship. Of course, even countries with the wealthiest people …

The Least Expensive Franchises To Buy Into

Sammy Said

Starting your own business is one way to work for yourself, while giving you the potential to make more money than you would working for someone else. However, coming up …

The Most Corrupt Countries in the World

Sammy Said

No country is immune from corruption. However, there are some nations where corruption is tolerated and even considered a way of life. The World Economic Forum estimates that on a …

The Most Cash Heavy Countries in Europe

Sammy Said

Europe definitely has some rich countries and then they also have countries that are crazy rich. The population and the GDP across the various countries of Europe vary, which means …

$279 000 Flying Car to Come Out in 2015?

Sammy Said

Flying cars are not a fantastic dream anymore and according to Terrafugia corporation, these cars will become a reality in only two years from now – in other words, in …

Tag Heuer Designs a New $5 300 Phone

Sammy Said

Premium watchmaker Tag Heuer just launched a new phone that costs $5,300. Tag Heuer unveiled the Meridiist 2 phone, their third phone after Tag Heuer Racer and Meridiist launched in …

Countries with the Richest Residents

Sammy Said

Now, there is another classification called ultra-high net worth individuals who have at least $30 million and above in total assets. Where do ultra-high net worth multimillionaires come from? It …

Qualities of Rich Americans Over 50

Sammy Said

Becoming rich cannot be done overnight. There will definitely be challenges and hurdles along the way and sometimes quitting might even run through your mind. However, today’s richest people are …

Prem Watsa: The Blackberry Savior

Sammy Said

Prem Watsa is the savior of the smartphone maker Blackberry. Watsa is a 63-year-old who is behind the $4.7 billion Blackberry deal. Prem was born to a teacher mother in …

2% of Chinese Population buy 30% of all Luxury Goods

Sammy Said

As of September, the population in China is estimated to be 1,359,025,970 people. As reported by Chinese-language Money Week magazine, 2% or 27,180,519 of its people consume 1/3 of the world’s …

A Dinosaur Skeleton For $956 000?

Sammy Said

Are you a dinosaur enthusiast? Have you ever thought of owning the skeleton of a dinosaur? If yes, here is your chance to own one. The Diplodocus skeleton is being …

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