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Top 10 Watches Of The Watch World 2013 Awards


On October 7, 2013 Watch World held its 4th annual Watch World Awards at the Westin Hotel in Gurgaon , India. Celebrities, socialites, and industry leaders gathered at the dazzling venue to pay homage...

The Aftermath: 10 Losers of Mayweather Fights


Floyd Mayweather steals a lot of hope from fans of his challengers as he wins in impeccable matches, usually beating the light weight and middleweight players. As we turn our heads toward the last ten...

The Worlds Top 10 Young Entrepeneurs


When it comes to being an entrepreneur, age really is nothing but a number. There are many great young entrepreneurs around the world who have made tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars. These ...

The Rivalry Between Airbus And Boeing


For the past twenty years, the skies have seen huge jet airliners from only two companies; Boeing and Airbus. It is unlikely any other competition will take off to challenge these two anytime soon. Fo...

10 People Who Made Money Using YouTube

Celebrity Money

YouTube attracts a lot of ambitious entrepreneurs every year. Every one of them wants to make themselves a fortune, with visions of a massive subscriber following, big paychecks, and status as an onli...

10 Things Successful People Do Differently


Everyone wants to be successful. We all dream of having a lot of money and living a life full of abundance where you can buy anything you want and visit anyplace you like. It is, however, important to...

10 States With Low Housing Prices


You are just out of college or school and are at crossroads on choosing a place you would like to settle down in and maybe even start a family. Most likely, you have not gathered enough resources to l...

The Worlds Top Financial Centres


What makes a city a financial center? Is it the strategic location, the presence of big businesses and modern infrastructure? Actually, all financial centers possess these features and more. To be con...

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