Articles by Sammie Simpson

10 Stars With Tragic Histories of Abuse

High Life

Recently, Kathy Ireland, former supermodel and entrepreneur mogul extraordinaire, spoke publicly of the sexual abuse she and others suffered as young models at the hands of "unscrupulous child moleste...

10 Serial Killers With Obsessive Groupies

Most Shocking

Serial killer groupies?  Just about every serial killer has them. The groupies write to these confirmed killers in prison and stand in line and wait for hours to visit them for a brief few minutes. A ...

10 Most High Profile Celebrity Adoptions


Celebrities turn to adoption for all sorts of reasons.  Sometimes they have, like Hugh Jackman or Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman,  undergone unsuccessful fertility treatments and finally turn to adoptio...

5 Seductive Spies who Used Sex as a Weapon


Spies have used sex as a weapon as long as there have been spies.   There are some good reasons.  First of all, using sex works because it should, albeit temporarily, put the “honey trap” victim in a ...

5 Cases of Fatal Honeymoons


Honeymoons are supposed to be a fun, relaxing, time for the stressed-out bride and groom after the wedding.  But it is not always the case.  Sometimes accidents happen.  Sometimes the supposed “accide...

10 Dumb Ideas That Made Millions


How many times in your life have you had a “great” idea for a big money making scheme?   How about a tennis ball that glows in the dark or a headlamp for a dog?