Articles by Robert Palmer

10 Of The Fittest Models On Instagram

High Life

Within hours of launching Instagram- an iPhone photo sharing app, thousands had already downloaded and begun to post photos. The high turnout was not expected that quickly and that's when reinforcemen...

10 Of The Most Fierce Female Fighters


The history of women's professional fighting first debuted in the U.S. in 1876. This historical bout took place between Nell Saunders and Rose Harland, the grand ole prize for this boxing match was a ...

10 Shocking 3D Printed Fashion Items

High Life

The 3D printing industry is definitely here to stay. The technical name for 3D printing is called additive manufacturing, this process manipulates layers of additive materials with the aid of a comput...

Top 10 Luxury Mini Speedboats


The best things come in small packages or so they say. Luxury mini boats and yachts are a novelty purchase available to the affluent. Boat designers are now targeting the mini niche marketplace; there...

Top 10 Eco-Powered Yachts


Today's billionaires have many options when it comes to spending their money on recreational vehicles. Luxury now comes with options to save the environment and your pocket book.

Solar Powered Homes For The Wealthy


The next trend in energy conservation is solar powered technology. Dwindling natural resources like oil has led to innovations in green energy. Let’s face it oil prices continue to rise to meet global...

10 Mini Driveable Cars for Kids


The luxury car market for mini cars are not the cheap plastic Fisher Price cars that have a mind numbing top speeds of 5 mph, these exotic cars are hand made from composite materials. Many of the cars...

The 10 Best Luxury Resorts For Nudists


For your next vacation why not consider visiting a nude resort in a tropical paradise as a couple? Today’s resorts cater to high end clientele with absolute privacy for other like minded people. Cloth...

10 Costly Ways To Keep Your Child Safe

Most Expensive

Children of wealthy parents are prime candidates for extortion and kidnapping. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children gathers statistics specific to missing and sexually exploited ch...

10 Exotic Nude Charter Cruises


Nude beaches and resorts have become more popular and mainstream. Have you ever thought about taking a clothing optional cruise to some exotic locale?

Self Defense For The Rich At Risk


Wealthy people are targets for extortion and kidnapping plain and simple. Taking your personal protection a step further beyond bodyguards would be investing in concealed defense weapons that can be c...