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15 Horrifying Ways Killers Taunted Police

Serial killers are terrifying. And fascinating. For some reason we all have a morbid obsession with the twisted minds and actions of serial killers. It is almost as if we crave the inevitable nightmar...


15 Spine-Chilling Photos From Unsolved Crimes

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. But they never said that those words would be something you would want to hear. Or see. There are beautiful works of art, like the ceiling of the Sis...


Jessica Biel's 15 Hottest Movie Roles

To say that Jessica Biel is hot would be a gross and irresponsible understatement. Jessica Biel is not simply hot the way that your Aunt Judy's overcooked lamb chop straight out of the oven is hot. No...


The 15 Hottest Women From Chick TV

Chick TV is one of the greatest guilty pleasures one can revel in. Shows such as Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Scandal, The OC, Vampire Diaries, and the seemingly interminable Grey's Anatomy have ...


15 Bizarre Animal Events Around the World

Our brains come up with strange and wild fantasies. Cultures all over the world are littered with stories of mythical beasts, crazy monsters, and supernatural creatures with terrifying powers. And whi...

High Life

15 Hollywood Good Girls You Wish Were Bad

Sometimes there is nothing sexier than a good girl gone bad— when she lets her hair down, unbuttons the top button on her cardigan, and goes a little wild. Don't get us wrong, bad girls are great too....


15 Epic Shows That Changed TV Forever

Television has always kind of seemed like film's little, slower brother. While the technology for both movies and TV were initially developed in the late 19th century, film was quick to grab hold of t...


15 Photos Of The Creepiest Abandoned Churches

Crumbling brick. Decaying wood. That damp, cold smell of dirty, stagnant water. That eerie feeling where you know you are the only person around and yet you don't feel alone. Where the light seems dead but the shadows seem alive.

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