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Rob Flis

Lead Editor at TheRichest. Voice of Screenrant on YouTube. I play guitar and drink a lot of coffee.

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20 Times Sibling Rivalry Went Too Far

Rob Flis

Anyone who has a brother or sister is no stranger to the overcoming nature of sibling rivalry. While most antics are harmless, and even quite funny, sometimes they can push …

National Go Topless Day Is This Sunday

Rob Flis

Since 2008, cities across America have been celebrating women’s equality by going topless. Sponsored by GoTopless, the event is observed on the Sunday closest to August 26, Women’s Equality Day. …

Top 3 Attractions of Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah

Rob Flis

Driving along the Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, you witness high-rise buildings on both sides of the road that sometimes defy reality. But in your wonder, be careful not to …

V-Moda Crossfade Wireless Headphones Review

Rob Flis

V-Moda is an Italian company that prides itself in making the world’s finest high-fidelity audio devices, and they were kind enough to send TheRichest a pair of brand new Crossfade Wireless headphones …