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Top 10 Most Expensive Tickets in the NBA

As the NBA has grown in popularity in this century, ticket prices have risen accordingly. According to Statista, the average team value in the NBA has spiked from $207 million in 2001 to $509 million ...


How Much Does Kobe Bryant Really Make?

Kobe Bryant is an American professional basketball player with an estimated net worth of over $200 million. In fact, he was the NBA’s highest paid-player for two years in a row. In April 2010, he sign...


10 Rich Golfers Who Choked Under Pressure

Golf is a game of patience and precision. It requires skills, smarts and above all, nerves of steel. The world's best golfers are the ones who can not only put the ball in the hole, but do so with mil...


Top 10 Highest-Paid NHL Defensemen of 2013

They say the best defense is a good offense. While that may be true to an extent, the NHL demands the best of both worlds from teams that want to be contenders. NHL defensemen are unique in that they ...


The 10 Least Valuable NHL Teams 2013

As a league that spans the continent from as far North as Edmonton to as far South as Florida, the NHL has introduced hockey teams into a variety of different sports markets. Needless to say, most of ...


Soccer's Craziest Fakers Still Making Millions

Soccer is one of the most famous games in the world for many reasons. From the outset it seems much less structured than sports like American football or baseball, but it does operate under a defined ...


10 Most Valuable NHL Teams for 2013

After a brief brush with disaster with the lockout of 2012-13, the NHL has returned with full force. While hockey may not be as big a money draw as the NFL, there are still some very lucrative franchi...

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10 Of The Most Overpaid Athletes In Sports

Ask any sports-loving kid nowadays about why he wants to be an athlete. The first answer will likely be something along the lines of, "because they’re paid amazingly well." We all live a millionaire d...


Top 10 Most Valuable NBA Teams 2013

Founded in New York City in 1946, the National Basketball Association has become one of the richest leagues in sports. Not only is it the premier men’s professional basketball league in North America,...


Top 10 Highest-Earning UFC Fighters in 2013

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is the largest promotion company in the world of mixed martial arts. Since its inception in November of 1993, the UFC has grown to the level of producing worldwide e...


Top 10 Highest Paid Pitchers in MLB for 2013

America’s favorite past time has been baseball since the creation of the hotdog. Many a fond memory have been made and shared during the seventh inning stretch. Cities have been destroyed by overzealo...


Top 10 Highest-Paid NHL Goalies Per Save

Goaltender is one of the most valuable positions in the game of hockey. Goalies are the last line of defense against the opposing team, and history has proven countless times that it's extremely hard ...

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