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Pop Culture

10 Of Taylor Swift's Top-Grossing Songs

Taylor Swift has been an icon for the past decade as she sings her way to the top of the charts. She has several albums and singles out for her fans to listen too, but some are better than others. Som...


10 Most Expensive Cities To Call An Uber

Uber is a ridesharing service that a lot of people choose to use when they travel to new places. It can be easier to use this app to call a ride, rather than find and pay for parking in the city. Ther...

Pop Culture

10 Of Taylor Swift's Richest Friends

Taylor Swift might have outgrown her squad, but she still has famous best friends that have her back in every scandal and attends all of her parties. Some celebs have been a part of it since the begin...

Pop Culture

TIME 100 Next: 10 Most Influential Celebs

The TIME 100 Next is a list of individuals who are influencing the current culture in a positive direction. They can be anyone from politicians to movie stars, or even CEOs of corporations. A new list...


10 Luxury Goods You Can Actually Buy At Walmart

Walmart is known for its low prices and the fact that they carry almost every product we need in our households. They sell things like food, kitchen items, pet supplies, outdoor necessities, and so mu...


10 Luxurious Products Any VSCO Girl Has To Have

VSCO girls are all over the internet, and it is a new type of lifestyle that a lot of young girls follow. Parents are left confused as to what this means, but it's relatively simple. They wear certain...


10 Most Expensive SUVs Of 2019, Ranked

2019 brought the release of several SUVs from quite a few car manufacturers. They are usually labeled by their price tag with either affordable, mid-range, or expensive. Those that sit higher in our p...

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