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15 Epic Yoga Fails That Are Funny AF

High Life

Namaste. Yoga – it’s not just a workout, but a way of life. It is a means of being one with the supreme, of being one with your innermost self, of being one with nature. It helps you achieve a balance...

The 15 Worst Episodes of Friends Ever


Frankly, if you asked us which was the very worst episode of Friends, we’d say the season 10 finale, "The Last One" – and it has got nothing to do with the storyline. For any Friends fan, these six go...

15 Children Who Killed Their Own Parents


Blood is supposed to be thicker than water, right? Children and parents, brothers and sisters and families are supposed to look out for each other, protect one another and be there for each other in t...

15 Countries That Still Believe In Witchcraft


Think witch and what comes to mind? The Chronicles of Narnia? Supernatural? Season of the Witch? Good Witch? Harry Potter? Digressing a bit here, but you get the picture, right? For most, the word wit...

The 15 Creepiest CopyCat Killers Of All Time


Murder she wrote, and we avidly read. The killing of a human being by another, for reasons financial, immoral, illegal or just for a thrill, gives us all vicarious shudders. The gorier the crime, the ...

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