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15 Former WWE NXT Stars: Where Are They Now?

Since its inception, NXT has gone through a number of changes. Initially, it was a reality show, which then transitioned to being a program that took lesser known talent or promising wrestlers with li...


15 Former nWo Members: Where Are They Now?

The New World Order of professional wrestling turned the business on its ear when Hulk Hogan joined Scott Hall and Kevin Nash to create this alliance. The trio ran roughshod over its competition and c...


Top 15 WCW Stables You Totally Forgot About

At one time, factions and stables were all the rage in professional wrestling. Whether in WWE, WCW or the AWA, it seemed that quite often a collection of talent was assembled to form a group. It makes...


Top 15 Movies With The Most Reboots Made

A film's success isn't necessarily measured only on commercial success, but how it holds up critically as well. Even films that don't aspire for critical success can still seek to move the audience an...

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The 15 Smartest People In History

In a world filled with various types of behavior, one measurement of someone's level of achievement is intelligence. Whether that is based on an IQ assessment, success on SATs or one's ability to main...