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5 Rich Actors Who Died While Filming

When it comes to Hollywood's biggest actors, there’s no question that they're dedicated to their art. When actors commit to filming a movie, reports often suggest these stars are willing to sacrifice ...

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The 10 Richest Fitness Gurus

Whether you call it fitspo, fitspiration, or fitness inspiration the image of the perfect body is taking over our society and there's no denying the collective obsession with a 'healthy' body image an...

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Top Ten Biggest Movie Remake Flops

There is nothing like watching a story unfold on film. When it comes to movies, sometimes there are gems so successful that they're considered immortal masterpieces. With blockbuster hits, though, com...

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10 Richest Celebrities Who Became Authors

Writing is a competitive, cut-throat industry, where only the best - or the most well-publicized - succeed. Putting your name to a piece - whether fiction or nonfiction - is a lasting legacy, for bett...

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The Richest Models-Turned-Actors

The world of modeling is competitive, exciting, and - at least on the surface - ridiculously glamorous.  Not all of us can be models, whether because we don't have the right body type, the perfect tee...

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10 Richest Comedy-turned-Drama Actors

Comedy is an area where we can find relief from the everyday stresses of life - an artform which allows us to escape and laugh at the world if only for a moment. And they say that comedy is one of the...

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Psyched! The World's 5 Richest Psychics

Psychics have been the subject of controversy and fascination for thousands of years.  They were shunned in Biblical times, and over the course of human history the discipline has been, in its hey day...

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