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10 Female Athletes Who Posed For Playboy

Other sports

Sports tend to be dominated by men, and sometimes women’s sports are a bit harder to sell. But strong female athletes are fascinating role models, and many sports fans want to know everything about th...

10 Most Memorable Last Words

Most Influential

Studies have shown that we speak an average 20,000 words per day. But what about when time is running out, and there's no longer a wealth of words available? Some of the most interesting and honest wo...

10 Most Mysterious Cryptids

The Biggest

Cryptozoology is the study of animals whose existence has yet to be proven. If you've ever read stories on cryptids such as Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster, then you have dabbled in cryptozoology. Th...

The World's 10 Most Depressed Countries

The Biggest

Depression is an illness that plagues millions of people, all over the world. Sure, we all can feel sad or down sometimes, but when someone is dealing with depression, it is a never-ending and sometim...

10 Music Concerts That Ended In Tragedy

Most Shocking

Concerts are a central place for fans and music lovers to gather and watch their favorite band perform live before their eyes. Often, fans will be propping up the bar, and depending on the genre of mu...

10 Most Infamous Murder Houses


Home is where the heart is, and a happy home is a good home. Indeed, there's no place like home. Etcetera. There are so many tropes and cliches about the elusive concept of home that it can be hard to...

10 Countries That 'Like' Facebook The Most

The Biggest

When Mark Zuckerberg first started Facebook in 2004 with four of his roommates, it’s hard to tell whether he knew he had started the newest trend in online social media networking or that he would bec...

The 10 Most Shocking Survival Stories

Most Shocking

“Death waits for no man”. That's an undeniably morbid idea and can make many of us paranoid. Some of us never really entertain the idea of our own mortality - until we're placed in life-threatening si...

10 of the Most Shocking Movie Bloopers

Most Shocking

Making movies is a tough job that takes months of work after shooting wraps. There’s the daunting task of editing, selecting the best takes and piecing everything together in hopes of making the perfe...

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