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10 Richest Adult Entertainment Actresses

World Money

Society has a love/hate relationship with the ever-controversial (but always popular) adult entertainment industry. Adult entertainment has been there to spice up the lives of couples in the bedroom a...

10 Most Mysterious Sounds Ever Recorded

Most Shocking

There are so many wonders and mysteries throughout the world that even science can't find the answers to, from the meaning of life to how Stonehenge was built. Do these mysteries have the ability to s...

10 Terrifying Cases of Extreme Hoarding

Most Shocking

Most of us have become aware of the strange phenomoneon of hoarding via the popular TV show 'Hoarders', which has often inspired us to a bit of a spring clean. The condition of obsessively hoarding is...

10 Longest Living Conjoined Twins

Most Shocking

Twins on their own are a fascinating medical phenomenon but nothing brings more attention than conjoined twins. For centuries, conjoined twins were medical marvels that stunned the communities around ...

5 Most Fatal Text Messages Ever Sent

Most Shocking

There’s no question that when you're not paying attention to the road, the route can quickly take a deadly turn. Advancements in the engineering of cars means vehicles are now geared towards safety an...

10 Oldest Mothers To Give Birth

Most Shocking

As we celebrate Mother’s Day in North America this weekend, it's that time of year when many of us acknowledge all the things our mothers have done for us not only during our childhood, but also well ...

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