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10 Movies That Sold The Most Merchandise

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Children's toys make up an industry worth about $22 billion. When the toy industry and the movie industry meet, they seem to have a seamless and mutually expedient relationship. Whenever a hot new mov...

America's 5 Drunkest Cities

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Even though all the States in America may be different and unique in their own way, there are some unifying factors that can bring them all together - and one of those, of course, is alcohol. As soon ...

10 Athletes Who Hit Rock Bottom

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When an athlete finds success in the world of sports, they're thrown into the glamorous world of celebrity with big paychecks, fans, companionship, parties, and more. Whether they were recruited from ...

The 10 Most Destructive Hurricanes Ever

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Mother Nature is known to show her ugly side several times a year. When she exudes her mighty power, the cost is not only in the mighty dollar - it can come in the price of human life. Whether it's bl...

6 Of The Worst Lies Caught On Social Media

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Lying, deception, trickery... There are numerous reasons why someone would tell a lie on the internet, and many more reasons why they'd be caught out. Some of the most embarrassing moments online tend...

10 Real Life Exorcisms That Made Headlines

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When the words “demonic” and “exorcism” are mentioned, there's sure to be a reaction. Whether it's fear or skepticism, paranormal in relation to evil is provocative. Hollywood exemplifies our curiosit...

10 Strangest Dishes Around The World


When it comes to the human experience, food is one of the central aspects. There’s something special about sharing a meal with loved ones, or celebrating milestones, birthdays, holidays and anniversar...

5 Longest Orgasms Ever Recorded

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When it comes to the topic of sex, a few of us might feel a little awkward. Let's get the giggles out of the way now, though, because we're about to launch into a pretty frank discussion about the mys...

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