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7 Shocking Real Life Mr. Greys

"50 Shades of Grey" made a splash when British author E.L. James unleashed it on the literary world in 2011. It's been widely reported that "50 Shades of Grey" got its start as Twilight fan fiction un...

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11 Incredible Cases Of People Who Live Tiny

Modern western society values high level education, and a job that will make lots of money. Then, of course, comes the purchasing power. A big house, every cutting edge modern convenience and sun holidays are all prized commodities.

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The 20 Hottest Rising Cosplay Stars

The decision to dive into the cosplaying world is not a simple one - or even a common one - and is often the result of a number of factors. Creative spirit, combined with artistic skills and an avid i...

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The World's 19 Sexiest Vloggers

People have always felt the compulsion to document their experiences for posterity. The days of spending hours penning personal thoughts in private journals are long gone, however, replaced by musings...

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The World's 20 Biggest Geek Conventions

Conventions in the world of Geek typically consist of three days of non stop madness, as hundreds of thousands of people gather to celebrate their passions. There's cosplaying, panels, workshops, boot...


17 Incredibly Highly Educated Celebrities

It's a common misconception that celebs aren't particularly educated. It's the typical glamourous origin story; someone arrives on the bus with a one-way ticket, fresh outta high school, or maybe even a school dropout.


17 Hottest New Actors From Broadway

2014 was a great year for Hollywood in terms of cultivating new talent and more and more frequently, Hollywood can be seen dipping into the Great White Way for their next breakout stars.


The 20 Most Successful Movies Of 2014

As we approach the last week of 2014, it's the time to reflect on the hundreds of movies that were released during this past year. Some were tremendous hits, some not quite so much. There were some su...

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15 Of The World's Youngest Grandparents

Grandparents are usually associated with wrinkles, grey hair, and someone who has seen a lot in their life. Grandparents tell stories about what life was like in their day, and how the world changed a...

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15 Most Horrifying Christmas Tragedies

When we think of Christmas, we think about good times with family, exchanging presents, perhaps celebrating with our religious community, and enjoying the feeling of love and togetherness. In short, C...

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