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The 10 Most Discreet Adult Toys

When it comes to pleasures of the body, sometimes discretion is key. This is especially true when it comes to living with parents, roommates, friends, etc. Think about it; when you die and your loved ...


The 12 Hottest Female Royals

For multiple centuries, people from all over the world have been following the royal family. Perhaps it is because they live such extravagant lives, or maybe it is the fact that the royal family was o...

The Biggest

The 10 Strongest Liquors In The World

Throughout the course of human history, you'll find wars, affairs, theft, murder, and alcohol. Consuming the "Devil's poison" has been a past time of mankind for multiple centuries, and is the one thi...


The 33 States That Allow Women To Be Topless

Men seem to have all the fun. They can walk around the great outdoors without their shirts on without any worry or issue. But if a woman goes out without a top on, then there are major issues. The fem...


10 Celebrities Who May Or May Not Be Gay

Homosexuality is now more accepted than ever thanks to the United States Supreme Court legalizing same-sex marriage all over the country. Despite gay pride, equal rights, and a more positive light bei...


10 Most Powerful Celebrity Gay Couples

As more and more celebrities feel comfortable coming out of the closet, people the world over who are struggling with their sexuality are being inspired to accept themselves and do the same. The progr...


10 Wrestlers Who Tragically Died In Action

Professional wrestling is an interesting form of entertainment. While it is generally perceived as fake, that doesn't trivialize the toll that the sport takes on the human body. While punches and kick...

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