Articles by Mary Plunkett

NerdCon: The Top Ten Biggest Expos of 2014

The Biggest

Although the world of comic book may fandom has warped during the dotcom era as readers move away from print publications, the comic book is an old and esteemed tradition. Comics have been around for ...

Oil Slick: The Top 10 Richest Oil Tycoons

World Money

Anyone who knows a thing or two about rich lists knows that oil can make or break a man - or indeed, a nation. Finding oil is pretty much an instant introduction to the world of the high-flying billio...

Print Is Dead: World's 5 Poorest Papers

The Poorest

Our newspapers - once the dominant and seemingly unassailable medium of relating current affairs to the public - appear, according to popular opinion, to either to be on their last legs, or in the mid...

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