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Mary Plunkett

Fresh-faced journalist with an interest in media, tech, culture and society. Based in Dublin but with a international perspective on events, I aim to give a clear view of what's current. When not writing for The Richest, I am most likely to be found sipping from coffee cups the size of my head.

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NerdCon: The Top Ten Biggest Expos of 2014

Mary Plunkett

Although the world of comic book may fandom has warped during the dotcom era as readers move away from print publications, the comic book is an old and esteemed tradition. …

Chief Executive Outrage: 10 Biggest CEO Scandals

Mary Plunkett

The coveted role of the CEO is to maintain a business’s heartbeat – and to reap the financial rewards from spearheading a successful company. While many investors, executives and board …

The 5 Most Influential Authors Of Our Time

Mary Plunkett

The world of the writer has always been one of great inequalities: for every hundred slaving waiters who write furtively by night, there’s a best-selling author commanding seven figure advances …

The Highest Grossing Nightclubs In The World

Mary Plunkett

For many the nightclub may simply be a necessary evil, a den of inequity to be visited on certain rare occasions or a memory of over-priced, youthful nights past. For …

Busted for Billions: 10 Biggest Corporate Fines Ever

Mary Plunkett

The world’s largest multinationals many seem so big that they can weather any storm, but they’re not always above the law. While the world’s largest and wealthiest corporations may have …

Oil Slick: The Top 10 Richest Oil Tycoons

Mary Plunkett

Anyone who knows a thing or two about rich lists knows that oil can make or break a man – or indeed, a nation. Finding oil is pretty much an …

China’s Top 10 Richest Billionaires in 2013

Mary Plunkett

It seems that the power and potential of the Chinese economy is endless these days, but it’s often difficult to quantify just what the impact this new-found wealth has on …

Print Is Dead: World’s 5 Poorest Papers

Mary Plunkett

Our newspapers – once the dominant and seemingly unassailable medium of relating current affairs to the public – appear, according to popular opinion, to either to be on their last …

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