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13 Celebs Rumored To Have Fake Booties

If there’s one thing you can say about most of our current social media sweethearts and paparazzi pleasers, they tend to have something really big in common. Like, really big. We’re talking about thei...


10 Celebs Who Have Trashed One Direction

One Direction aren’t exactly the kind of pop group that shy away from headlines, and they have attracted a lot of attention – some good, and some bad. The zeal with which fans, known as Directioners, ...


12 Musicians With Ridiculously Hot Wives

Lead singers tend to have a ridiculous amount of sex appeal. Even when they aren’t all that good looking, they can still have groupies lining up around the block. There’s just something special about ...


10 Awful Movie Trends That Have To Stop

Cinema is one of those funny industries where so much money changes hands it’s hard to understand it. Studios pour millions of dollars into making a single movie – but if they get it right, it pays ba...

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