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15 Scam Artists Who Walked Away With Millions

There have been many movies and even whole television series dedicated to the idea of the scam artist. The scam artist is someone who manages, usually by being incredibly charming, to defraud others o...


15 Crimes That Were Solved By Google Earth

When Google Earth first came out, we all amused ourselves endlessly looking for strange things. We found hidden compounds and secretive hideaways. We spotted crop circles and suspiciously cloned-out a...


15 Countries With The Most Police Brutality

The police force are upholders of the law in society. They make sure that justice is done by protecting the innocent and punishing the guilty. They help to solve crimes and will ensure that criminals ...


15 Times Nicki Minaj Broke The Internet

Ah, Nicki Minaj. To think that once upon a time, we didn’t even know she existed. Then she burst onto the scene in such a way that could not be ignored… and would never be ignored again. Whether you l...


The 15 Most Disgusting Foods Eaten Worldwide

Think about the thing that you least like to eat. If you live in the Western world, it’s probably something fairly mundane, like broccoli or Brussels sprouts. But elsewhere in the world, there are a l...

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