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15 Hot Celebrities With Nasty Personal Habits

None of us are perfect. Despite this, sometimes it’s possible to believe the clean and flawless images that celebrities project. We see them retouched in magazines, or with perfect hair and makeup in ...


15 Places You'll Never Be Allowed To Visit

Imagine all of the wonderful places in the world that you would love to visit. Exotic islands; bustling and vibrant capital cities; museums and galleries holding the finest pieces of art in the world....


15 A-Listers Who Started Out As Extras

It’s easy to look at all of the big success stories out there and feel like you’re never going to make it. There are so many tales of unknowns getting cast in a major film for their first ever role, a...


15 Shocking Facts About Bill Gates' Childhood

Bill Gates is a name that the whole world recognizes. As the founder of Microsoft, he has impacted the lives of just about everyone alive today with his software. In the process, he has become incredi...


15 Gruesome Death Penalties From History

There is ongoing controversy about the use of the death penalty in the modern world. There are fewer and fewer countries in the world that still practice it, mostly due to humanitarian reasons, but th...


15 Chilling Facts About Egyptian Mummies

Egyptian mummies are a source of great interest even today, but their real heyday was during the Victorian times. People went mad for the new discovery of the tombs in Egypt, and parties would go out ...


15 Twisted Cases Of Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome is one of those unbelievable things that is incredibly difficult to understand, or indeed believe, unless it happens to you. It describes the phenomenon in which a victim warms up t...


15 Chilling Facts About The Boston Strangler

The Boston Strangler was known by a few other names at the time of his crimes. He was also The Mad Strangler of Boston, the Phantom Strangler, the Phantom Fiend, The Green Man, and The Measuring Man. ...

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