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8 Celebrities Who Have Tried Online Dating


Most celebrities end up with an equally-famous significant other, but after a while, many of them get sick of the Hollywood dating scene. All the drama, paparazzi and media outlets, making up names li...

6 Of The Greatest Unsolved Robberies

Most Shocking

Movies like Ocean's Eleven and The Italian Job can make even the most law-abiding citizens daydream about pulling off a heist of their own, but crimes in real life rarely go as they do in the movies. ...

10 Men's Fashion Trends that Women Hate


Men's fashion doesn't change nearly as often, or as drastically as women's. The variations in men's clothing through the decades is as subtle as the width of their necktie or the pattern of their shir...

10 Women's Fashion Trends That Men Hate


There are so many women's fashion trends that women love to wear and men love to look at. Stiletto heels, little black dresses and skinny jeans are just a few styles that men have no problem seeing th...

Top 8 Sexiest Spokespeople On TV Today


It comes as no surprise that actors in movies and TV series seem to get all the fame and attention. But lately, there seems to be another set of stars that we see everyday and think little about, in c...

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