Articles by Remy Terle


15 Lesser Know Facts About Han Solo

Is it possible not to like Han Solo? He's got to be one of your favorite anti-heroes and he's certainly your favorite charming rogue. Harrison Ford's performance is iconic, the character's iconic, and...


The 15 Most Violent Prison Riots In History

Prison riots are some of the most explosive, violent events ever. It makes sense— they generally involve hundreds and hundreds of people. Some are caused by prisoners protesting inhumane living condit...


The 15 Most Awkward Jobs No One Thinks About

There are a lot of different ways to make money. Most of us have jobs that are fairly straightforward. Conventional, traditional, 9-to-5 type jobs we've all heard of and are all content with doing if ...


15 Things Garbage Movies Did Right

Now before you get all upset that your favorite movie is on this list, we get it– movie taste is subjective and just because one person thinks a movie is bad doesn’t mean that it is intrinsically so. ...