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The 15 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2016

2015 was an insane year for movies. It was as if the 90s came back for a summer fling. We had a new Terminator movie (questionable quality aside), a fun Jurassic Park movie, and squeezed in between th...

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10 Stars Who Overdosed And Lived

So many people weigh the decision if it is worth taking narcotics. On one hand, they hold the thought of all the fun and madness that can come from drugs, but they also know the fact that they may die...


The 12 Richest Comic Book Characters

Being rich has to be the greatest superpower of all. Think about it. When you wield massive amounts of money, people do whatever you want. On top of that, people who have money often seem to be able t...


10 Horrifying Short Films On YouTube

There is a distinct and wonderful difference between full length horror movies and short films. With full length horror movies, you often wait up to 90 minutes for the twist or climax of the film. And...

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10 Movies That Will Utterly Terrify You

Let's make something clear right away: this is not going to be a list that includes The Exorcist or Hostel or any of the other usual suspects found on these type of lists. These films are all relentle...

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