Articles by Rebecca O'Kane


15 Chilling Claims From Scientology Defectors

Scientology is often considered the most dangerous and controversial cult of all, based on reports from many high profile former members. It brands itself a religion to avoid paying taxes (and to get ...


15 Unknown Facts About World War I

2017 marks almost a century since the ‘Great War’ ended in 1918. Ironically, the four-year-long struggle was at that time dubbed ‘the war to end all wars.’ But although the First World War was certain...


15 Absolutely Disgusting World Record Attempts

There was a time when holding the world record for something was a badge of honor. World records used to signify the fastest, the tallest or the strongest person or animal on the planet – now, however...


15 Strange AF Movie Title Translations

When films are released worldwide, they’re given the opportunity to be appreciated by a larger audience and perhaps even get recognized by film awards outside their country of origin. But something pr...


15 Weird & Disturbing Inventions

In our brief time on this planet, the imagination and hard work of some incredibly bright people have given rise to some of the world’s most significant creations. Where would we be without things lik...

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