Articles by Rebecca O'Kane


15 Disturbing Massage Therapist Confessions

Massage therapy is meant to be a deeply relaxing experience - feeling your stresses and knots melt away with candles and soft music playing. It’s enough to make anyone fall asleep in utter bliss. Unfo...


15 Disturbing Videos Posted On Snapchat

Snapchat originally started out as an app that allowed you to share photos that would disappear after 10 seconds. Since then, it’s mainly become known for sharing videos of all the weird and wacky stu...


15 Women Who Attempted Their Own Abortions

If you thought that DIY abortions were a thing of the past or something that only occurs in poverty stricken corners of the globe, guess again. An alarming number of women in the western world have be...


15 Crazy Phobias That Actually Exist

We all have irrational fears of some kind, whether it's mild or extreme to the point of sweating and causing us to have full-blown panic attacks. A fear of heights and spiders are probably the most co...

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