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14 Extremely Awkward Big Screen Couples

When one sits down to watch a movie, one is aware that they will have to suspend their disbelief to a certain degree, but some movies push the envelope too far by putting a couple on screen that would...

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10 Disney Movies With Disturbing Messages

Disney is the staple of television diets for many generations of children. How often have you seen a child's wide-eyed gaze fixed upon the TV screen as they lose themselves in a Disney film’s bright c...


Top 10 Most Dramatic On-Screen Breakups

As the old song goes… "breaking up is hard to do." We’ve all been through one, two or many in our day. We all know the waning emotions, the flaccidity where once there was passion, the tears, and more...


10 Countries With The Most Buttock Augmentations

When one thinks of plastic surgery, the first thing that inevitably comes to mind is the boob job, Botox, collagen implants of the lips…traditional celebrity-endorsed remedies to the natural progressi...


Top 10 Countries With The Most Breast Implants

One of the most tantalizing attributes of the female anatomy is the breast. The boobies. The fun-bags. The jugs. Forever immortalized along a spectrum from much revered ancient art to modern day nudie...


20 Actors That Were Discovered By Chance!

While most stars toil away for years in the grind of Hollywood to finally find their big break, some celebrities are just fortuitously in the right place at the right time.  How was your favorite celeb discovered???


20 Phobias You Might Already Have

The brain is oftentimes as mysterious as it is dumbfounding.  Many people can lead nearly normal lives and secretly have just one mega-quirk that shows up at some random, inconvenient time.  For examp...


10 Places To Challenge Your Fear of Heights

Acrophobia – the fear of heights. Scientists debate whether this is an aggravation of the inborn fear of falling or whether it is due to an inefficiency in the internal balancing mechanisms of people ...


15 Unexpected Kit Kat Flavors From Japan

Here in North America, we think of delicious Kit Kat as the breakable, chocolaty wafer bar of goodness.  However, it’s an altogether different animal in Japan.  Kit Kat is pronounced Kitto Katto, whic...