Articles by Reagan M.

The Poorest

The 15 Most Homeless Cities In The World

Homelessness is far from a developing country's problem. In Europe alone, there are 3 million people on the streets. In Australia and Canada, hundreds of thousands of people are homeless. Of course, t...


15 Most Bizarre World Records Ever Broken

The annual book of Guinness World Records is full of fascinating feats of human endurance, perseverance and accomplishment. The records that pique the most interest are the downright weird records, and the world is full of them.


15 Most Extravagant Houses In The World In 2015

Successful people like to flaunt their money in many ways. One of these ways is to invest a lot of money in pricey pads and then use more money to refurbish these houses. For example, Will Smith bough...

Most Shocking

15 Most Shocking Cases Of Real Cyborgs

A cyborg is, by definition, a fictional character that is part man, part machine - think Darth Vader, or Robocop. Today, though, technology is marching on at an unprecedented pace, and wearable tech i...

The Biggest

The 15 Largest Factories In The World

Well-run factories are imperative to the success of any consumer goods companies, and even to the well-being of whole economies. Companies can corner whole markets by recognizing a viable product and ...