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Amazon Delivery Drones: Everything To Know

In June 2015, Amazon filed a bizarre patent for delivery drones which got approved almost two years later on 23 June 2017. The patent includes an Amazon hive, a nine-storey structure which will house ...


Taylor Swift's Amazing Teen Lookalike

It isn’t every day that you are stopped for looking like a celebrity. An Australian teenager has people run behind her because she looks exactly like Taylor Swift. Teegan Jarratt, 18, a Dominos delive...


Hanson Compares Justin Bieber Music To An STD

During an interview with the Hanson brothers on an Australian radio show, Justin Bieber's hit song, Descapito, came on. The Hanson brothers had a shocking reaction. He compared Justin Bieber’s music t...


Carrie Fisher Had Taken Drugs Prior to Her Death

Popular American actress, writer, and humorist Carrie Fisher died in December 2016. Her biopsy reports, which were released on Monday reported that she had MDMA in her system, commonly known as ecstas...


Lorde Kept A Secret Onion Ring Review Instagram

Rumors are going around that an onion ring review Instagram account belongs to Lorde. People have best described the account as clandestine. There has been no official confirmation about it but there ...


Fidget Spinner Risks Lead To Mass Recall

A few months ago when fidget spinners were introduced in the market, everyone went crazy. The three-armed gadget was specially made for children who suffer from ADHD, to improve concentration and redu...


Scientists: The Great Barrier Reef Cannot Be Saved

The Great Barrier Reef of Australia, a World Heritage Site, is diminishing at an unprecedented speed. A survey done in 2016 revealed that 95% of the reef’s corals had been bleached and the condition just isn’t improving.

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