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Rey Mysterio Fielding Offers From WWE And GFW

The latest name in the free agent market of professional wrestling, Rey Mysterio, is reportedly being approached by WWE and GFW. Right now, Fans can catch Mysterio on El Rey’s Lucha Underground as tho...


Tips to Stop a Brain Freeze

All of us have suffered from brain freeze while gobbling down our favorite ice cream. Leaving us with a mind-numbing headache, brain freeze usually disappears within a few seconds. But there are ways ...


Humans Causing Sixth Mass Extinction Event

Scientists have revealed that Earth could be entering its sixth mass extinction leading to the extinction of three-quarters of animal species in the coming years—and the humans are causing this shift.


How To Read Body Language On A First Date

There's no doubt that dating apps have changed the way people meet each other. While that can be terrifying to some, one New Zealand woman is helping people figure out how to read body language on first dates.


Hover Surfboards Are Real And You Can Buy One

A Puerto Rican sports brand, Life, has created a surfboard, Lift eFoil, that flies over water. Powered by an electric motor and controlled by Bluetooth, Lift eFoil reaches a speed of 25 miles per hour...


The Latest Food Craze: Edible Flowers?

The world is constantly is hooked on food fads. Matcha was in trend a few months ago, but it has now been overtaken by edible flowers. There are mixed reactions about consuming edible flowers. While s...


The Hardest States To Get An Abortion In

With the new Republican government, women are truly scared about their reproductive rights. Every other day there is a headline flashing on the TV screen announcing a new bill prohibiting or restricti...


The Nastiest Things Your Parents Did in School

Remember when you pulled a prank in school, and your parents scolded you for your mischief? Well, they were no different when they were of your age. With time, these are passed from one generation to ...


Fidget Spinners: The Biggest Dangers And Risks

Fidget spinners are the latest new toy that has taken the world of social media by storm. Everyone from children to adults are obsessed with the fidgety toy. The toy which was made to increase concent...

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