Articles by Raven Supak


15 Pranks Gone Wrong That Killed People

Some people believe that pranks, in general, are taking things too far, but that’s usually just because they are on the receiving end of it. There are some jokes or pranks that do take things too far ...


16 Dumb Criminals Caught Through Social Media

What exactly constitutes as “oversharing” on social media? We can all pretty much agree that things like posting nudes, and sharing each other’s dirty laundry counts as part of the “oversharing” categ...


15 Times The Hilton Family Was Crazy AF

The Hilton family is known around the world for having the world’s first international hotel chain. What we all also know is just how scandalous this high profile family really is. Between affairs, a ...


15 Spoiled Celeb Rich Kids That Went Too Far

Being rich is hard. So is having your life always thrust into the spotlight, with everyone watching your every move. But having money and being famous don’t necessarily spell out spoiled brat, even th...

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