Articles by Raven Supak


15 Dirty Secrets About MTV's Room Raiders

The show Room Raiders is an American dating reality show competition that first aired on MTV back in 2004. Even though the show was considered to be a “strip” show, which meant it aired for five days ...


15 Creepy Confessions From Death Row Inmates

From sick in the head mothers to people who killed their poor elderly neighbor, the killers in this article made it onto death row for a reason. Even though people may not believe that these folks got...


20 Shocking Facts About All-Inclusive Resorts

Vacations at stunning resorts simply can't be beat. The shimmering blue water and the white sandy beaches. The high-end cuisine and the five-star service. All are amenities that one looks forward to e...


20 Creepiest Subcultures Around The World

Within each culture is a series of subcultures that further define who those people are. While some subcultures are more commonplace, such as Cosplayers, BDSM, and Hipsters, others are probably things...

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